Carlos G. Correa
Princeton University Princeton, NJ
Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience 2021 - Current
M.A. in Neuroscience 2018 - 2021
Advisors: Nathaniel D. Daw, Ph.D., Thomas L. Griffiths, Ph.D.
Coursework: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Probabilistic Models of Cognition, Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience Courses and Labs
The University of Texas at Austin Austin, TX
B.S. with Honors in Computer Science 2008 - 2012
Robstown High School Robstown, TX 2008
Correa, C. G., Ho, M. K., Callaway, F., Daw, N. D., Griffiths, T. L. (2023). Humans decompose tasks by trading off utility and computational cost. PLOS Computational Biology. [paper] [preprint] [twitter] [code]
Ho, M. K., Abel, D., Correa, C. G., Littman, M. L., Cohen, J. D., & Griffiths, T. L. (2022). People construct simplified mental representations to plan. Nature. [paper] [preprint]
Goldstein-Piekarski, A. N., Wielgosz, J., Xiao, L., Stetz, P., Correa, C. G., …, Williams, L. M. (2021). Early changes in neural circuit function engaged by negative emotion and modified by behavioural intervention are associated with depression and problem-solving outcomes: A report from the ENGAGE randomized controlled trial. EBioMedicine.
Leikauf J. E., Correa C., Bueno A. N., Sempere V. P., Williams L. M. (2021). StopWatch: Pilot study for an Apple Watch application for youth with ADHD. Digital Health.
Williams, L. M., Pines, A., Goldstein-Piekarski, A. N., Rosas, L. G., Kullar, M., Sacchet, M. D., Gevaert, O., Bailenson, J., Lavori, P. W., Dagum, P., Wandell, B., Correa, C., …, Ma, J. (2017). The ENGAGE study: Integrating neuroimaging, virtual reality and smartphone sensing to understand self-regulation for managing depression and obesity in a precision medicine model. Behaviour Research and Therapy.
Conference Proceedings
Kumar, S., Correa, C. G., Dasgupta, I., Marjieh, R., Hu, M. Y., Hawkins, R. D., Daw, N. D., Cohen, J. D., Narasimhan, K., & Griffiths, T. L. (2022). Using Natural Language and Program Abstractions to Instill Human Inductive Biases in Machines. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. [paper]
Correa, C. G.*, Ho, M. K.*, Callaway, F., Griffiths, T. L. (2020). Resource-rational Task Decomposition to Minimize Planning Costs. In Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. [paper] [poster] [twitter] [planning cost demo]
Leikauf, J. E., Bueno, A. N., Correa, C. G., Sempere, V. P., Williams, L. M. (2019, October). Apple Watch Pilot for Youth with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Chicago, Illinois.
Correa, C. G., Callaway, F., Ho, M. K., Griffiths, T. L. (2019, July). Compositional subgoal representations. Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada.
Teaching Experience
Linear Algebra Summer Bootcamp, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Summer 2020 - 2022
Prepared and taught half-day Linear Algebra module with exercises for incoming Neuroscience Ph.D. students
NEU 502B From Molecules to Systems to Behavior, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Spring 2020
Assistantship in Instruction
NEU 301 Cellular Neurobiology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Fall 2019
Assistantship in Instruction
Stanford University Stanford, CA, Research Software Engineer 2016 - 2018
Clara Labs San Francisco, CA, Software Engineer 2015 - 2016
OpenTable San Francisco, CA, Software Engineer 2014 - 2015
Ness Computing Los Altos, CA, Software Engineer, acquired by OpenTable 2012 - 2014
Facebook, Inc. Palo Alto, CA, Software Engineering Intern Summer 2011
Intel Corporation Austin, TX, Software Engineering Intern Summer 2010
Cisco Systems Richardson, TX, Software Engineering Intern Summer 2009
2020 Graduate Student Representative on the Princeton Neuroscience Institute Climate and Inclusion Committee
2020 Student Organizer for Princeton Neuroscience Institute Ph.D. Applicant Visit Day
2019 Peer Mentor for Princeton Graduate Scholars Program
2018-2020 Princeton University President’s Fellowship
2008-2011 Cisco Internet Generation Scholarship
2008-2011 Turing Scholars Honors Program
2007-2008 Texas All-State 4A Symphonic Band on Bassoon
Advanced with Python, Shell Scripting, Web Development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
Experience with MATLAB, R, Julia, Java, SQL, Swift/iOS, fMRI methods