Hello! I'm Carlos G. Correa. I'm a grad student at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, studying decision making and planning. I'm advised by Nathaniel Daw and Tom Griffiths.

At CogSci 2020, Mark Ho, Fred Callaway, Tom Griffiths and I presented research modeling how and why people decompose tasks into smaller tasks that make it easier to plan. Check out the preprint.

When planning towards a goal (say, cooking a lovely dinner) we often break it down into subgoals (choosing recipes, going shopping, etc). How and why do we choose these subgoals?

We formulate subgoal discovery as a resource-rational representation problem: Construct subgoals that make progress towards goals and are also easy to plan with. Critically, we model how a planning algorithm interacts with a planning representation like a subgoal.

By characterizing how algorithmic costs shape representations, our account provides insight into how people efficiently engage in model-based planning.

I live in Brooklyn, NY. In my free time, I bake and garden and write programs. Here are other places you can find me on the internet:

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